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Amersfoort University is an experimental university. A place for free research and development in Amersfoort.

Amersfoort University does not hand out certificates or diploma's.

Amersfoort University does not have separate departments or faculties. The research that is being done exists of projects from independent researchers, who are united in a cooperation and share research facilities, and make use of each others knowledge and skills.

Although these laboratories are open to a diversity of scientists, artists and inventors, Amersfoort University has some special focus areas.

transition issues

The coming decennia we expect to witness a transition in society that is the result of increasing shortages and climate change, and the rise of a network society. The trend is towards a relocalisation of labour and means within a global network of knowlegde exchange. This means a lot of research has to be done after:

  • local food production, urban farming, low input edible ecosystems
  • small scale energy production
  • revision of democratic structures
  • (non monetary) value systems

citizen science

A local bottom up university has the potential to bridge the gap between the academic world and citizens.
  • translation of academic intergrety and the scientific method to amateur scientists
  • organisation of part time research

p2p society

The transition is connected to another development in society that can be seen as a transition from an industrial society to a peer-to-peer society.

open knowledge

Knowledge is often badly accessible because of financial barriers of commercial publishers. Sometimes important knowledge cannot be ued because of patents or intellectual property. There are however other business models available.

independent research

More and more research is under pressure and has trouble finding funding. It is necessary to build a safe harbour for such research. Amersfoort University wants to be such a harbour.